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Taxes when working in Denmark

Danish income tax - a short introduction

You pay tax in Denmark if you work there, regardless of whether you live in Denmark or Sweden. Taxation therefore takes place in your country of employment. Danish income tax consists of municipal tax, AM-bidrag and state tax.

Tax in Denmark - tips if you recently got a job

When you begin working in Denmark, you will come into contact with the Danish tax office, Skattestyrelsen. You will get a Danish personal ID number called a "CPR-nummer" , and a "forskudsopgørelse".

Declaring tax in Denmark

If you work and pay tax in Denmark, you must also declare tax there. You can do this easily online on the website for the Danish Skattestyrelsen with a NemID or your CPR-number and a TastSelv-kode.

Deductions - limited tax liability

If you live in Sweden and work in Denmark, you automatically have limited tax liability in Denmark. The deductions you are able to make as someone with a limited tax liability are somewhat different to the deductions permitted ...

Deductions - taxation under the cross-border rule

If 75% of your total income (calculated according to special rules) comes from Denmark in one income year, you can decide to be taxed according to the cross-border rule. The way that you are taxed affects which deductions you h...

The Danish tax scheme for foreign researchers and highly-paid employees (Forskerordningen)

Swedish employees working as researchers or so-called key employees in Denmark have the opportunity to be taxed under a special Danish tax, called "forskerordningen".