Øresunddirekt’s work with Border Issues

For citizens and businesses to reap the benefits of all the opportunities in the Øresund region, it is important that all problems that could hamper cross-border mobility are removed. 

Øresunddirekt actively participates in identifying and reporting border issues to the relevant authorities. Øresunddirekt participates in this work on a regional, national, and Nordic level. 

The Freedom of Movement Council – working with border issues on a Nordic level

The Nordic Council of Ministers is the collaborative body of the Nordic governments that actively work with identifying and investigating border issues between any of the Nordic borders. This work is driven by the Freedom of Movement Council, which is made up of one member each per Nordic country, including Greenland, the Åland Islands, and the Faroe Islands. Each member prioritises 3-5 border issues per year. The border issue is investigated and worked on until it has been solved, or until it has been determined that it is unsolvable. 

The Freedom of Movement Council collaborates with other actors in the Nordic countries, and Øresunddirekt is one of them. In practice, this means that Øresunddirekt collects and hands over information to the Freedom of Movement Council regarding issues that citizens and businesses have experiences between Sweden and Denmark. 

Greater Copenhagen – working with border issues on a regional level

Greater Copenhagen is a political collaboration centred around East Denmark and the South of Sweden, including the whole Øresund region. One of Greater Copenhagen’s focus areas is the identification of border issues between Sweden and Denmark – as well as contributing to solving these issues. The goal is to remove border issues that hamper mobility and growth in the region. Øresunddirekt is a part of Greater Copenhagen’s efforts to ensure close labour market integration in the region. 

Reporting of Border Issues

Have you encountered a problem either as an individual or as a company, when living and working between Denmark and Sweden?

Report your border issue through our digital tool "Ditt gränsproblem", where you have the opportunity to contribute with solution proposals and follow the further proces. 


Report your border issue at dittgransproblem.com

Border issues between Sweden and Denmark

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