ATP - arbejdsmarkedets tillægspension in Denmark

Last updated 1/29/2024
In addition to the state pension, ATP (Arbejdsmarkedets Tillægspension) Livslang Pension is paid out to everyone who has lived or worked in Denmark.

All employees who are between 16 and 66 years old and who work at least 9 hours per week pay an ATP contribution on their income. If you have worked in Denmark, your employer has paid ATP for you and ATP contributions have also been deducted from your salary. This applies even if you live in Sweden.


Inform ATP of your address in Sweden in good time

Approximately 3 months before you reach retirement age, you will receive an information letter from ATP. The letter states how much you will be paid and if the amount is to be paid monthly or as a lump sum. It is therefore important to ensure that ATP has your address and that you inform them of your new address if you move. ATP does not get automatic notification of your new address if you move.


Find contact information to ATP at



You can choose to receive payment from ATP Livslang Pension from the time you reach retirement age. You can also choose to defer payment until 10 years after your retirement age. The longer you wait to receive your pension, the higher the pension will be. The amount of ATP you receive as a pensioner depends on how much you have paid in contributions over the years.


Extra charge for payment to a Swedish bank

You pension can be paid into a Danish or a Swedish account. Please note that you must pay a fee if your pension is paid to an account overseas. You should send in your bank information to ATP to get your pension paid into a foreign account.


More information on ATP

You can find more information about ATP Livslang Pension at If you have a NemID/MitID you can also see how much you have paid in. 


More information at


If you have any questions, please contact ATP by phone on: +45 48 20 49 23

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