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Stop working in Denmark

A short introduction to the Danish a-kasse (unemployment insurance funds)

A-kasser (unemployment insurance funds) administer unemployment benefits in Denmark and offer a range of services to their members. In the following, there is a brief introduction to the topic and links to different Danish a-ka...

Termination of employment when working in Denmark

What happens if your employment is terminated when you are working in Denmark? The amount of notice that an employer must give an employee in case of termination of employment depends on the trade union agreements.

Member of a Danish a-kasse - if you work in Denmark

If you live in Sweden and start working in Denmark, you should become a member of an a-kasse (unemployment insurance fund) in Denmark. It is important that you sign up for a Danish a-kasse on your first working day.

A short introduction to Danish trade unions

Danish trade unions can be divided into the so-called yellow trade unions, which are not part of a central organisation and traditional trade unions. Here is a brief introduction and links to price comparisons for Danish trade ...

Membership in a Danish trade union

If you work in Denmark, you can become a member of a Danish trade union. It is important to understand that a Swedish trade union cannot help you with your work conditions in Denmark.

Checklist – Stop working in Denmark – What you need to know

This checklist applies to people who live in Sweden and are either dismissed from or voluntarily terminate their job in Denmark. Find out what you should keep in mind before you start a new job or look for a job in Sweden.

Terminated during parental leave while working in Denmark

Who should you notify if your job in Denmark is terminated while you live in Sweden and receive parental benefits from Denmark? And who should you notify if your job in Sweden is terminated while you live in Denmark and receive...