Terminated during parental leave while working in Denmark

Last updated 1/24/2024
Who should you notify if your job in Denmark is terminated while you live in Sweden and receive parental benefits from Denmark?

Terminated while on parental leave and living in Sweden

If your job in Denmark is terminated while you are on parental/maternity leave in Denmark, the change has no consequences. Udbetaling Danmark will continue to pay benefits for as long as you comply with the conditions. It's your responsability to notify Udbetaling Danmark of the change. 


If you are unemployed when your parental leave ends 

If you are unemployed when your parental leave in Denmark ends, you must register with Arbetsförmedlingen (the Swedish Public Employment Service) in Sweden from your first day of unemployment.

If you are a member of an unemployment fund when your job in Denmark is terminated, you should continue your membership of the Danish unemployment fund for the duration of your parental leave. When your parental leave is over, you must change to a Swedish unemployment fund, and it is then important that there is no gap in membership. 


Remember to update your preliminary income assessment (forskudsopgørelse)

You should also remember to update your preliminary income assessment when you change from income from employment to parental benefits, as it has an impact on the size of your allowance (fradrag). 


Do you have any questions about parental leave and termination in connection with work in Denmark?

To find out if you comply with the conditions for maternity/parental leave in either of the two countries, you can contact Udbetaling Danmark or Försäkringskassan at Øresunddirekt’s information centre in Malmoe.

Remember! If you are a cross-border worker and contact an unemployment fund in Sweden or Denmark, you should ask to talk to their EU case handler.

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