Public holidays 2023 – in Sweden and Denmark

Last updated 6/15/2022
In Øresunddirekt's unique comparison of Danish and Swedish holidays 2023, you will quickly get an overview of which days during the year are holidays in both Denmark and Sweden, and which holidays are unique for each country.

Public holidays in Sweden and Denmark 2023


Date: Public holidays in Sweden Public holidays in Denmark



1'st of January - Sunday

New Year’s Day (Nyårsdagen) 

New Year’s Day (Nytårsdag) 

6'th of January - Friday

Epiphany (Trettondag jul) 








6'th of April - Thursday


Maundy Thursdag (Skærtorsdag)

7'th of April - Friday

Good Friday (Långfredag) 

Good Friday (Langfredag)

9'th of April - Sunday

Easter Sunday (Påskdagen) 

Easter Sunday (1. Påskedag) 

10'th of April - Monday

Easter Monday (Annandag Påsk) 

Easter Monday (2. Påskedag) 




1'st of May - Monday

International Workers' Day

International Workers' Day*

5'th of May - Friday


Great Prayers Day (Store Bededag)

18'th of May - Thursday

Ascension Day (Kristi Himmelsfärdsdag)

Ascension Day (Kristi Himmelfartsdag)

28'th of May - Sunday

Whit Sunday (Pingstdagen)

Whit Sunday (Pinsedag)

29'th of May - Monday


Whit Monday (2. pinsedag)







5'th of June - Monday


Constitution Day* (Grundlovsdag)

6'th of June - Tuesday

Swedish National Day (Sveriges Nationaldag)


23'rd of June - Friday

Midsummers Eve** (Midsommarafton)


24'th of June - Saturday

Midsummer Day (Midsommardagen) 





4'th of November - Saturday

All Saints Day (Alla helgons dag)








24'th of December - Sunday

Christmas Eve (Julafton)***

Christmas Eve (Juleafton)***

25'th of December - Monday

Christmas Day  (Juldagen)

Christmas Day (1. Juledag)

26'th of December - Tuesday

Boxing Day (Annandag Jul)

Boxing Day (2. Juledag)

31'th of December - Sunday New Years Eve (Nyårsafton)*** New Year's Eve (Nytårsaften)***



* In Denmark the Day of the Constitution (5th of June) and International Workers' Day (1st of May) are not official holidays, but many people still have half or full days off. Some shops may also be closed on these days.

** In Sweden Midsummers Eve (25th of June) is not an official holiday. But most working places and shops are closed or have special opening hours. Most Swedes take the day off if possible. 

*** In Denmark and Sweden, Christmas and New Year's Eve are not considered an official holiday, even though many workplaces allow their staff to take the day off - without losing salary.   

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