Shared parental leave in Denmark and Sweden

Last updated 2/9/2022
If you are a family where one parent is working in Sweden and the other is working in Denmark, your parental leave can be allocated in different ways. The countries use a system to deduct the days.

Shared parental leave - how it works between Denmark and Sweden

A system is used to deduct the days so that the two countries' parental leave systems can work together. This means that the period of leave to be taken in Denmark is deducted from the time taken in Sweden, and vice versa.


If the person working in Sweden goes on parental leave first, the person who is working in Denmark should be able to document how much leave has been taken out in Sweden. The Danish authority Udbetaling Danmark must see documentation to see how much leave remains in Denmark. If the parents only request reimbursement of 16 weeks, usually no documentation from Sweden is necessary. In the opposite case, Försäkringskassan in Sweden wants to know how much leave has been taken in Denmark. Afterwards, the respective authorities calculate how many days/weeks remain for the parent who has not taken any leave yet or who has the right to take more days of leave.


Altogether, Swedish parental leave is of 480 days. In Sweden, the parents themselves can decide how many days per week to be paid. To get paid the maximum amount, parents must request parental allowance seven days a week. If you take full parental leave in Denmark, the total Danish parental allowance is paid weekly. One week of parental leave in Denmark corresponds to seven days of parental leave in Sweden.


For detailed information on the rules when one of the parents works in in either Denmark or Sweden while living in the other country, please contact Udbetaling Danmark or Försäkringskassan (Swedish Social Insurance Agency) at Øresunddirekt's Informationcenter in Malmö.

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