Child benefit when working in Denmark

Last updated 2/9/2022
Whether child benefit is paid in Sweden or Denmark depends on whether both parents work in the same country. Here is a brief introduction about which authority to contact.

Commuters where the family live in Sweden. Which country pays?

If the family lives in Sweden, and one parent works in Sweden and the other works in Denmark, Sweden pays child benefit in the first instance. Please contact Försäkringskassan (the Swedish Social Insurance Agency) at Øresunddirekt's for more information. If the Danish allowance exceeds the sum of the Swedish allowance when the parents work in both Denmark and Sweden respectively, Denmark pays a supplement equal to the difference between the two amounts.

Contact Øresunddirekt


If one parent works in Denmark and the other does not work or if both parents work in Denmark, child benefit is paid by Denmark.


Udbetalning Danmark pays child benefit in Denmark

The Danish authority "Udbetaling Danmark" manages and pays child benefit. You can go to your local "borgerservice-kontor" in the municipality where you are working to get help with filling in the application and to ask questions. Udbetaling Danmark decide on and pay benefits. Child benefit is paid once a quarter, usually to the child's mother unless the child's father is the guardian.


Amounts - if child benefit is paid by Udbetaling Danmark

How much is paid depends on the age of the child. For 2022, the amounts are:


Child benefit (børneydelse):

0 - 2 years old: DKK 4.653 per child per quarter
3 - 6 years old: DKK 3.681 per child per quarter
7 - 14 years old: DKK 2.898 per child per quarter    


Young life benefit (ungeydelse):

15 - 17 years old: DKK 966 per month per teenager


The right to receive ungeydelse can sometimes stop if the teenager in question stops attending secondary education.

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Extra benefits for single parents and students

For single parents who meet special requirements it is possible to receive an extra benefit, called "børnetilskud". Contact Udbetaling Danmark for more information.

If the parents are students they may possibly be eligible for extra benefits. The amount depends on the parents income and how many children there are.

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