A short introduction to the Danish a-kasse (unemployment insurance funds)

Last updated 3/5/2024
A-kasser (unemployment insurance funds) administer unemployment benefits in Denmark and offer a range of services to their members. In the following, there is a brief introduction to the topic to different Danish a-kasse organisations.

Arbejdsløshedskasser - also called a-kasser in Denmark are organisations, which in most cases are linked to trade unions. The organisations offer insurance against unemployment and administer public laws and regulations in the field. Every a-kasse has a designated EU-case worker whom you can contact.

Note that being a member of an unemployment fund is voluntary. If you choose not to be a member, you are not covered if unemployed. 

The members of an a-kasse (unemployment insurance fund) finance its activities through their membership and by paying labour market contributions.


A-kasse can help you with the following:

  • payment of unemployment benefit (dagpenge), holiday pay (feriedagpenge) when you get unemployment benefits and so-called efterløn, which is a special pension through membership to the a-kasse

  • agreement guidance

  • contact information for the Jobcenter

  • outreach work to help the unemployed living in Denmark back into employment

Many a-kasse organisations also offer advice, courses, personal guidance with a coach, etc. The fee for a Danish a-kasse varies, but is usually around DKK 470-550 /month, which is deductable.

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