Jobs in Denmark that require authorisation

Last updated 3/5/2024
In Denmark, certain professions are what is known as "lovregulerede erhverv". That means that, in addition to the relevant training, you must have special authorisation to work within that profession in Denmark.

List of regulated professions

Some examples of jobs, which require authorisation in Denmark are doctor, nurse, nursing assistant, lawyer and teacher. A complete list of the professions that require authorisation can be found at the Ministry of Higher Education and Science website.


Ministry of Higher Education and Science website


Nursing assistant/sosu-assistent

One of the most common professions that requires authorisation is nursing assistant/"sosu-assistent" (Social and healthcare assistant). If you have a nursing qualification from a foreign country this means that you may need to complement parts of your training to call yourself a "sosu-assistent" in Denmark.

Read more about recognition and transparency of qualifications at the Ministry of Higher Education and Science website.


Recognition and transparency of qualification

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