Permission to drive a Swedish registered vehicle in Denmark

Last updated 10/12/2023
If you want to drive a car in Denmark that is registered in Sweden, you should be aware that there are strict limitations depending on whether you commute across the Sound, live temporarily in Denmark or have a permanent address in Denmark.

Registered as a resident in Sweden

If you work in Denmark but are resident in Sweden, you are entitled to drive your car in Denmark although it is registered in Sweden. However, you are only allowed to spend 185 nights in Denmark during a 12-month period, and you must be able to document both the duration of your stay, for example by an employment contract, and your residence in Sweden. A failure to comply with these requirements may result in fines. 


Temporary residence in Denmark

If you will be staying temporarily in Denmark for a period exceeding 185 days in a 12-month period, you may in certain situations, for example during studies or in connection with time-limited employment, apply to pay a quarterly fee for the period. You apply to


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Registered as a resident in Denmark

As a general rule, you are not allowed to drive a vehicle with foreign number plates if you are resident in Denmark. However, you may be permitted to drive a vehicle with foreign number plates during a brief period, for example while importing a vehicle. You must inform the Danish Motor Vehicle Agency before crossing the border.


Application for permission to drive a vehicle registered abroad


Remember that if you import a vehicle, you must register it in Denmark within 30 days.


Swedish company car in Denmark

You are allowed to drive a company car in Denmark although it is registered in Sweden, provided that it is for a duration of less than 183 days in a 12-month period. You must apply to the Danish Motor Vehicle Agency for an exception from the registration fee while driving a foreign company car. The vehicle may only be used by the person who was granted an exception or by a member of that person’s household. The permit must always be present in the vehicle and be produced upon request to the police or the Danish Motor Legal Agency. The vehicle must be registered in Denmark if it is going to be used in Denmark for 183 days or more during a 12-month period.


You can find more information and examples of what applies in different situations on


If you are resident in Denmark and driving a vehicle registered in Sweden to and from your work in Sweden, you must apply for permission to drive your car from the border to your registered address in Denmark. If your car is registered in Sweden and you are driving it in Denmark without such permission, you risk incurring fines.


You apply for permission by completing form 21059 from 

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