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CPR number - Danish personal tax and ID number

How to apply for a CPR number depends on your situation. There are different application procedures depending on if you plan to live in Denmark, or if you plan to commute to your job in Denmark.

How to write a good application when applying for a job in Denmark

A good application consists of a personal letter and a CV. A good CV gives the reader a quick overview of your experience and skills. In the letter you describe why you are applying for the job and highlight some of the skills ...

Commuting to Denmark by car, ferry or train

It is very quick to commute from Sweden to a job in Denmark by car, ferry or train. Below we give you a brief introduction to different options and some links, so you can determine the best way to commute to your job.

Border control when entering Sweden

The Swedish police carry out border control when you travel from Denmark to Sweden. This means that you must show valid identification when entering Sweden. Read about the implications this has for commuters between Sweden and...

Permission to drive a Swedish registered vehicle in Denmark

If you want to drive a car in Denmark that is registered in Sweden, you should be aware that there are strict limitations depending on whether you commute across the Sound, live temporarily in Denmark or have a permanent addres...

Open a Danish bank account – when working in Denmark

Get your Danish salary into a Danish account. It should be a NemKonto. Start a bank account as soon as you get a job in Denmark

Sick leave and sickness benefits in Denmark

In Denmark there is no sick pay deduction as in Sweden when you get sick. Read about your right to full pay during illness and when you are entitled to Danish sickness benefits.

Salaries in Denmark

Several factors combine to determine what salary you get paid in Denmark. It matters, for example, whether you are working in the private or public sector. Salary benefits and pension contributions also affect how attractive yo...

General rules for third country citizens living in Sweden or Denmark

As a citizen of a country outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland, you do not benefit from the free movement of labour that enables you to work in all these countries without a work permit, but there may nevertheless be ways in whic...

Apply for a job in Denmark with Swedish unemployment benefits

If you are interested in moving across Öresund and applying for a job in Denmark, you can apply for permission to export your Swedish unemployment benefits for up to three months.