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Membership in a Danish trade union

If you work in Denmark, you can become a member of a Danish trade union. It is important to understand that a Swedish trade union cannot help you with your work conditions in Denmark.
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This information is for EU citizens only.

Choose the right trade union in Denmark

People usually choose to become a member of a trade union within the professional domain to which they belong. For example, if you work in the commerce sector in Denmark, you could contact an organisation such as HK Handel Hovedstaden. This is one of the trade unions, which sets the framework for working conditions in shops and the wholesale sector. Before you decide which trade union to choose, it is always a good idea to examine the conditions they offer their members.


Note that a Swedish trade union can never help you in a situation arising on the Danish work market, even if you live in Sweden.


The majority of the trade unions in Denmark have a local office where members can get advice and guidance about work and social conditions. The local trade union is linked to a trade union, which is in turn linked to a main organisation. The trade union and the main organisation participate in negotiations on general pay frameworks and working conditions among other things.

The union can help its members

If you are considering whether to become a member of a Danish trade union or not, there are a few things that may be helpful to consider before you make your decision. If you get into a dispute with your employer without the support of a trade union, you will have to deal with it on your own. You can of course always get help from a lawyer, but in some cases this may be more expensive. 

A trade union can also provide advice and support to people who are new to the Danish labour market, and members can turn to their annual salary statistics for each profession. In addition, trade union fees are deductible in the Danish tax declaration (årsopgørelsen).


The main trade union organisation in Denmark is Landsorganisationen i Danmark (LO), Funktionærernes og Tjenstemændenes Fællesråd (FTF) which is the equivalent of TCO in Sweden, and Akademikernes Centralorganisation (AC) is the equivalent of SACO in Sweden.