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Member of a Danish a-kasse - if you work in Denmark

If you live in Sweden and start working in Denmark, you should become a member of an a-kasse (unemployment insurance fund) in Denmark. It is important that you sign up for a Danish a-kasse on your first working day.
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This information is for EU citizens only.

If you live in Sweden and begin working in Denmark, you should become a member of an a-kasse (unemployment insurance fund) in Denmark. It is important that you sign up for a Danish a-kasse on your first working day, even if you are already a member of a Swedish a-kasse. This is because there can not be any gap in membership when changing. If your employment is terminated, you should go back to the Swedish a-kasse, and again it is important that there is no gap in your memberships. Every a-kasse have a designated EU-case worker whom you can contact if you have any questions.


If you are working in other countries as well, other rules apply. In that case, contact the EU office of the Försäkringskassen (Swedish Social Insurance Agency) to check which country's social and unemployment insurance you come under. Please contact the Øresunddirekt information centre for more information.

If you get laid-off from your job in Denmark

If you become unemployed, Sweden, as your country of residence, will pay benefits to you. You should register with Arbetsförmedlingen (the Swedish unemployment office) on your first day of unemployment. To receive income-related compensation, you must apply for membership to a Swedish a-kasse on your first day of unemployment. This must be done in writing using a form, which can be found on the a-kasse organisation's website. It is important that there is no gap in membership when you change from a Danish a-kasse to a Swedish one.


Please send your written admission application to the Swedish a-kasse immediately when your employment in Denmark ceases. On your application, you can write that you were a cross-border worker (gränsarbetare). It is also important that your application is sent to the correct a-kasse. 

Contacting the correct a-kasse in Sweden

It is important that you apply for admission to the right a-kasse, if you apply to the wrong a-kasse, you may have a gap in your membership, which could lead to negative economic consequences. You should apply for membership to the Swedish a-kasse whose area best corresponds the job you had in Denmark. The exception is the Alfa-kassen, which is open to all professions. The list of the Swedish a-kasse (unemployment insurance funds) can be found on If you are unsure about which a-kasse that suits you, you can always call an a-kasse organisation and ask.

Prepare your application in advance if you know you are going to become unemployed. You can usually find information about which forms you need on the a-kasse organisation's website. Follow the instructions on the forms and check the information you provide carefully, otherwise it may take longer to get your unemployment benefit.


You need a certificate called "PD U1" from your Danish a-kasse. The application form for this can be found on If you were not a member of a Danish a-kasse you can get the certificate through Styrelsen for Arbejdsmarked og Rekruttering (STAR) in Denmark. If you need help with getting the certificate, the Swedish a-kasse can help you.

Membership interruptions

To be entitled unemployment benefits, one of the conditions is that you must have been member of a a-kassa for at least twelve consecutive months. The new rules, as of July 2, 2018, means that the Swedish unemployment insurance funds have the right to disregard certain interruptions in the membership, e.g. when a cross-border commuter starts and stops working in the other country.  Gaps or interruptions that are shorter than a calendar month is accepted, on the condition that the total interruption period is no longer than eight weeks.

Calculation of benefit

To achieving the right to income-related unemployment benefit, you must have been a continuous member of a Swedish and/or Danish a-kasse (unemployment insurance fund) for 12 months. Your benefit amount is based on the salary you had during your last job only. Your Danish salary is calculated to Swedish kronor at the rate decided by the European Central Bank. If you have not been a member for 12 months, you may anyway be entitled to the basic amount, which is a lower benefit amount.


You can get more information about the rules that apply to getting unemployment benefit from your a-kasse.