CPR number - Danish personal tax and ID number

How to apply for a CPR number depends on your situation. There are different application procedures depending on if you plan to live in Denmark, or if you plan to commute to your job in Denmark.

The CPR number is a personal registration number that you use in your contact with Danish authorities. It is also often used when you register with private companies. There are several rules regarding the registration of the Danish citizens in the CPR register.

CPR number application when planning to commute to Denmark

When you have received your employment contract from your Danish employer, you should get a CPR number, a “forskudsopgørelse”, which is an estimate of your future income, and an “eSkattekort”, which shows how much of your salary that is free of taxes.


To get these, you should visit the webpage skat.dk and use the online application. If you have trouble doing this, you could also download the form, fill it in, and send it online via skat.dk or by mail (you find the addresses in the form). Remember to attach the required documents.

If you wish to send your application by e-mail you should go to www.skat.dk/contact and click ‘Individuals’. Then click ’Danish tax matters’ and there you click the link ‘without logging on’. Thereafter, select the topic ’Tax registration upon arrival to Denmark’ and then ’Working temporarily in Denmark’. Lastly, click ‘Compose mail’ at the bottom of the page, fill in the empty fields, attach the form and click ’Send’.


Documentation requirements

(please note that Skattestyrelsen could require more documents, depending on your situation)

  • Your signed employment contract
  • Your passport or national ID (both front and back of card)
  • If you reside in Sweden: a copy of either your passport or your national ID card + civil registration certificate
  • Your marriage certificate (if you are married). Individuals residing in Sweden must attach a family certificate. This can be collected at the Swedish Tax Authority´s website skatteverket.se (in Swedish) or printed directly at Øresunddirekt’s Information Centre at Hjälmaregatan 3, Malmö. You can also contact Skatteverket in order to get the certificate by mail.  
  • If you are a citizen outside the EU/EEA: your Danish work permit


Waiting time

Skattestyrelsen cannot generate your CPR number until 21 days before your first working day at the earliest. You are not allowed to apply until 60 days before your first work day. Your Danish personal tax number and your “forskudsopgørelse” will be sent to you by mail, normally within a few weeks.


To apply for a CPR number if you have moved to Denmark

If you move from Sweden to Denmark you should be registered in the Danish population register – “folkeregistret”.  You do this at a citizen service center “borgarservicecenter” in the municipality you move to. Note that you need to have a permanent address in Denmark to obtain your CPR number.

If you are moving Copenhagen you should visit International House Copenhagen to apply for a CPR number. But first you fill in the application online and then you visit International Citizen Service at the International House to pick up your CPR number in person.

  • Find the CPR number application here