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The Danish pension scheme

If you work in Denmark, you will earn a Danish pension. Danish pension is divided into three parts: one part is public, one is managed by the labour market, and one part is private.
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This information is for EU citizens only.

Less pension from the state in Denmark

If you are new to the Danish labour market, it is important that you know that the various components of the Danish pension system are not the same as the system in Sweden. The public part, which the state pays, is considerably less in Denmark than in Sweden. In addition, not as many Danish employers pay in to a labour market pension, or "company pension" as it is also known. It is therefore much more common to have an additional private pension in Denmark.

Danish public pension - includes everyone

Everyone who works in Denmark is covered by the rules for public pensions. The public part consists of:

  • Danish state pension (Folkepension)
  • Early Danish pension (Førtidspension)

Labour market pension in Denmark - does not include everyone

A labour market pension is a type of pension where the employer pays part of the pension. All employees are not covered by a labour market pension, so check what is stated in your employment contract.

Private pension insurance

As in Sweden, there are also private pension insurances, which many people sign-up for in addition or as an alternative to the labour market pension.

Further information

If you have questions about your Danish public pension, please contact Udbetaling Danmark