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Danish labour market pension

You are not automatically covered by the labour market pension, or "company pension" as it is known in Denmark. It is therefore a good idea to check what is stated in your employment contract.
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This information is for EU citizens only.

Read your Danish employment contract

Not everyone in Denmark is covered by a labour market pension (arbejdsmarkedspension). It is, however, quite common that it is stated in the contract that the employer pays a fixed amount to a pension institution or a pension fund. Check what agreements apply to you at your workplace. It is not possible to require of an employer to contribute to your pension savings if this is not mentioned in your contract.


The pension institution that the employer pays into also depends on which agreement the employee has with the employer. There may also be conditions to be admitted to the pension agreement, such as age, health and how many years you have worked. The conditions should be stated in your contract.

Both the employer and the employee pay

The labour market pension can be composed of savings, insurance or group life insurance. How much the employer contributes differs. It is quite common that the employer pays 2/3 and the employee 1/3 of the total pension premium. However, sometimes you may have to pay half of the amount.

Payment of pensions when you live in Sweden and have been working in Denmark 

When you reach retirement age, you should contact the Danish pension fund yourself; because the Danish pension fund is not automatically informed that you have reached retirement age. Remember that it is a good idea to keep records showing your employers and employment periods.

If you stop working in Denmark

If you stop working in Denmark and do not receive pension contributions from a Danish employer anymore, please note that:

  • it is not possible to transfer savings from a Danish labour market pension to a pension savings scheme in Sweden
  • when you change jobs in Denmark you may change to a different Danish pension institution

Further information

You can get more information from your trade union, your pension institution or a pension fund.