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Family and parenting in Denmark

Parental leave when working in Denmark

As an employee in Denmark, you are subject to the Danish rules when it comes to parental leave. These rules give the mother the right to a total of 50 weeks of parental leave.

Shared parental leave in Denmark and Sweden

If you are a family where one parent is working in Sweden and the other is working in Denmark, your parental leave can be allocated in different ways. The countries use a system to deduct the days.

Parental allowance for maternity and paternity leave when working in Denmark

If you are working in Denmark, you have the right to the same economic benefits concerning parental leave as people who live in Denmark.

Child benefit when working in Denmark

Whether child benefit is paid in Sweden or Denmark depends on whether both parents work in the same country. Here is a brief introduction about which authority to contact.

Child care when you work in Denmark

There are no rules in Denmark that match the Swedish rules about care for a sick child (VAB). This means that you are not always entitled to paid leave to look after a sick child. Many employment contracts nevertheless allow em...

FAQ – parental leave if one parent works in Sweden and the other in Denmark

Frequent questions and answers about parental leave. What are the rules if one parent works in Denmark and the other in Sweden?

Terminated during parental leave while working in Denmark

Who should you notify if your job in Denmark is terminated while you live in Sweden and receive parental benefits from Denmark? And who should you notify if your job in Sweden is terminated while you live in Denmark and receive...