Working from home due to coronavirus/covid-19 does not affect your social insurance

Øresunddirekt have been informed that Försäkringskassan and Udbetaling Denmark has agreed on an exemption from the normal social insurance regulations. The agreed upon exemptions includes rules guiding which country a cross-border commuter should be insured in and in what country the employer pays employer contributions.

A person who normally works as an employee in two or more member states of the EU should be covered by the social insurance of the country where the person is a resident, if the person carries out a substantial part of his work in that member state. This is governed by Article 13 (1) of the EU regulation 883/2004. A ‘substantial part of their work’ is considered to be at least 25% of the total working hours. If an Øresund-commuter who lives in Sweden and works in Denmark­ starts working from home to such an extent that working hours and/or income exceeds 25%, the commuter would normally become insured in Sweden. This would also mean that the Danish employer would have to pay the significantly higher Swedish employers’ contributions.


“This is very good news for those cross-border commuters that were sent home last week to work from home. We have noticed a great deal of concern and there have been many question marks that have now finally been addressed, both for us and for a large group of our commuters”, says Sandra Forsén, Operations manager for the Information Center in Malmö.


Försäkringskassan and Udbetaling Danmark have agreed that social insurance for those who are normally cross-border commuters should not be affected by the restrictions brought about by coronavirus/covid-19 in the following situations:

  • If you live in Sweden and normally work in Denmark, your social insurance in Denmark is not affected by you having to work from home due to the coronavirus/covid-19.
  • If you live in Denmark and normally work in Sweden, your social insurance in Sweden is not affected by you having to work from home due to the coronavirus/covid-19.
  • If you have an ongoing A1 certificate to work in Sweden and Denmark, this certificate will remain valid.


If you change the way you work due to other circumstances, the exemption will not apply. The exemption does not apply if you, for example, start working for another employer, start work as self-employed, or if you start taking a salary from a limited company that you own. If in doubt, contact Øresunddirekt at 040- 17 64 00 or the representatives from Försäkringskassan at Øresunddirekt at 010- 11 51 964.


It is not uncommon for commuters to be in a unique situation, so we urge Öresund-commuters and companies to, in addition to staying updated through our websites, contact the Information Center by phone or e-mail to get answers to their questions”, continues Sandra Forsén, Operations Manager for the Information Centre in Malmö.


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Coronavirus affecting Øresunddirekt

Regarding to reduce the incidence of coronavirus/covid-19 the information center in Malmö is closed for visits. You can still contact Øresunddirekt by phone or email. We have also reduced our opening hours, from 10:00 to 15:00.

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