Partial closure of the Swedish borders due to coronavirus/covid-19

Last updated 5/15/2020
The Swedish government is introducing travel restrictions to limit the spread of coronavirus/covid-19. The Swedish border will temporarily and partially close fom the 19th of March 2020. Danish citizens will not be affected by the restrictions as they are citizens of the EEA area.

Nordic citizens will not be affected by the travel restriction on the 19th March 2020. The entry ban applies to all foreign nationals attempting to enter Sweden from a country that is not a member of the EU, the EEA or Switzerland. Swedish citizens and Swedish residents will always be able to return to their homes. The travel restrictions is also not applicable to individuals who have a particual urgent need to travel to Sweden. Non-essential travel is however discouraged by the government. The restrictions have now been extended until the 31th of August.

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How are cross-border commuters affected by the coronavirus

We have collected information from both Swedish and Danish government agencies in an article and how the different mitigation strategies and travel restrictions could affect you as a cross-border computer here.

How coronavirus/covid-19 affect cross-border commuters
Who is affected by the travel restrictions?

Citizens of the Nordic countries will not be affected by the travel restrictions as they are members of the EEA area. The partial travel ban applies to all foreign citizens who are travelling from countries outside of the EU, the EEA area or Switzerland. Excemptions will be made for individuals with a permanent residency permit and a right to remain in Sweden, as well as citizens or family members of an EEA citizen who are returning to their homes. In addition, exemptions will be made for individuals who are travelling to Sweden to perform essential functions in the Swedish society, for example those employed in the health sector.

Those transporting goods into Sweden are explicitly exempt from the travel restriction. Essential deliveries of food and medicin should not be affected.

More information about the partial travel ban can be found here

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Information about the traffic between Denmark and Sweden

Train traffic

Stay updated on the train traffic over Øresund at the DSB or Skånetrafiken websites.

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DSB have announced that you can get a refund on your tickets to Sweden without charge.

More information on DSB (in Danish)


Skånetrafiken have decided to repay bought and activated tickets to Denmark due to the coronavirus. If you wish to return your ticket, you can call their customer service or contact their service center. 

More information (in Swedish) on Skånetrafiken


SJ trains are not crossing the border to or from Denmark. If you hold a ticket for this route, you will receive information via text message with more information.

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Ferry traffic

Stay updated on the ferry traffic over Øresund at

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Air traffic

Stay updated regarding the air traffic to and from Copenhagen airport at

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Coronavirus affecting Øresunddirekt

Regarding to reduce the incidence of coronavirus/covid-19 the information center in Malmö is closed for visits. You can still contact Øresunddirekt by phone or email. We have also reduced our opening hours, from 10:00 to 15:00.

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