Danish borders closed due to coronavirus / covid-19

Last updated 5/15/2020
The Danish police is conducting border controlls at the Danish border.More information regarding what documentation that is required depending on your situation can be found below.

The Danish border is closed from the 14th of March 2020, at 12:00. This means a partial or total cancellation of air, ferry or train transport. There will be police and Danish military personnel present at the border.

Danish citizens will always be allowed into the country, as well as people with a worthy purpose to enter Denmark.


New rules makes it easier to travel to Denmark from all of Sweden

The 15th august 2020, the requirement of having pre-booked six night's stay in Denmark to cross the border was removed. As long as Sweden is considered an open country ("yellow") people can travel as long as they can present a valid ID at the border.

More information about the new rules at politi.dk

More information about ID requirements at politi.dk

The rules below detailing the travel rules for the border communities Skåne, Blekinge and Halland, as well as travels with 'a worthy purpose' are therefore not in force at the moment as Sweden is considered open. If Sweden would change from open (yellow) to closed (red), then the rules would revert to those below.


Travel to Denmark from Skåne, Blekinge and Halland


From the 27th June 2020, people registered in the border regions of Skåne, Halland or Blekinge can travel to Denmark without a worthy purpose.

To enter Denmark, certain documentation is required at the border. What type of documentation that is required depends on whether your region is categorised as open or banned.

More information in our article about the new rules for the border regions

More information about what documentation that is required on politi.dk

Information on what regions that are currently open or banned on politi.dk

Danish citizens only need to be able to show a valid identification, such as a passport, at the border control.

Travel to Denmark from the rest of Sweden

From the 1st August 2020, Sweden is considered an open country. From the 15 august 2020, you are no longer required to be able to document a six night's stay to cross the border. 

More information at politi.dk

Stay updated on the traffic situation between Denmark and Sweden


Following the Danish government's decision to partially close the border, Skånetrafiken have reduced the trafic over Öresund Bridge. From the 8th June, there will be three trains an hour to and from Denmark during the day. Border controls will be conducted at Copenhagen Airport. The train will continue from the airport to Copenhagen central after the passengers have gone through the border control.

More information can be found on skanetrafiken.se (Swedish)


If you are traveling from Copenhagen Airport further into Denmark, you are required to have a seat ticket. The ticket is free and can be acquired in the DSB app or in DSB vending machines. 

More information can be found on dsb.dk (Danish)



SJ trains are not crossing the border to or from Denmark. If you hold a ticket for this route, you will receive information via text message with more information.

More information on sj.se


Ferry connections between Helsingør and Helsingborg

Stay updated on the ferry traffic over Øresund at forsea.dk

More information on forsea.dk


Stay updated regarding the ferry traffic between Bornholm and Sweden at bornholmslinjen.dk

Read more on bornholmslinjen.dk


Copenhagen airport

Stay updated regarding the air traffic to and from Copenhagen airport at cph.dk. Please be aware that surgical masks are required to be worn by all travellers at all Danish airports. This is also applicable for travellers who are changing from the metro to the Øresund train.

More information on cph.dk

Examples of a worthy purposes for travel to Denmark or through Denmark

The following are considered "worthy purposes" for entering Denmark:

  • If you reside or work in Denmark, including self-employed business owners who perform their work in Denmark.
  • Spouses, live-in-partners, parents and children of a Danish or foreign resident in Denmark
  • If you are delivering or transporting goods or services to/in/from Denmark
  • If you are exercising your visitation rights with minors
  • If you are the primary caregiver for minors residing in Denmark
  • If you are visiting a seriously ill or dying family member in Denmark
  • If you are entering Denmark to continue an ongoing course of treatment 
  • If you are attending a funeral i Denmark
  • If you are attending court proceedings in Denmark
  • If you are a student whose educational institution has not closed (and does not offer remote learning)


The full list can be found at politi.dk.

Read more at politi.dk


Danish citizens can always enter Denmark – please remember to bring your passport or other valid identification to confirm your citizenship.

How do you prove a worthy purpose for entering Denmark?

This could, for example, include presenting any of the following documents:

  • Valid travel documents, a valid proof of identity or a passport
  • Danish health insurance card – “Sundhedskortet”
  • An employment contract (ansættelsesbevis & arbejdskontrakt)
  • Recent pay slips
  • A summons for treatment at a hospital
  • A court summons

Read more at politi.dk

Am I allowed to fly from Copenhagen airport if I live in Sweden?

Danish citizens will be allowed to enter Denmark. According to Copenhagen police, all others who are residents in Sweden will have to follow the new travel restrictions and will therefore have to show that they have a worthy purpose to enter Denmark. If you cannot prove your worthy purpose to enter, you will be rejected at the border.

You can travel through Denmark (transit) if you have a worthy purpose outside Denmark or you are going on holiday. This applies regardless of your habitual residence, and regardless of your vehicle.

Read about transit in Denmark at politi.dk


More information on what constitutes a worthy purpose in the section “How do you prove a worthy purpose for entering Denmark”?

Please remember to check if your flight is cancelled.


Can I travel home to Sweden if I fly to Copenhagen airport?

According to Copenhagen police, people who are in transit on their way to their country of residence, will be able to transit through Denmark. This is applicable to people who live in Sweden and who are traveling home from Copenhagen airport.

Please remember to check if you flight has been cancelled.


Does transit via car, train, airplane, ferry etc. trough Denmark count as a worthy purpose?

You will still be able to transit through Denmark, for example if you are traveling from Germany to your home in Sweden. This counts as a worthy purpose and will not be subject to the new travel restrictions.

Traveling back to your home country is counted as a worthy purpose, if the transit route is seen as a natural journey to make.

You should inform the border control guards that you are on your way home to your country of residence.

More information on politik.dk

What if I live in Denmark and commute to Sweden for work?

If you are living in Denmark but work in Sweden, you will not be rejected at the border on your journey home to Denmark, as long as you can provide a valid identitifcation. However, you might experience that your commute takes longer than usual due to the extended border controls.

The Danish authorities urges people not to make non-necessary journeys abroad - this includes commuting to Sweden. 

More information on politi.dk


If you are traveling to Sweden, make sure that you are up to date with the Swedish restrictions with regards to the coronavirus / covid-19 outbreak. The Swedish authorities also urge people to not make non-necessary journeys abroad. 

More information on regeringen.se

Living in Sweden and have lost your job in Denmark due to coronavirus / covid-19

According to EU regulation, if you are let go from your job, then you should apply for compensation from the Swedish a-kassa. You are then supposed to register at Arbetsförmedlingen on your first day without a job. To be able to benefit from income-based unemployment benefits you will have to apply for membership in the Swedish a-kassa.

Read more about what you should consider when you lose your job or have chosen to leave your job in Denmark.

Checklist when you stop working in Denmark

Salary compensation for businesses

The coronavirus creates great uncertainty among employees and companies in Denmark. The government and its social partners in the labour market have entered into a temporary salary compensation scheme for employees at risk of being made redundant. The agreement applies to employees of private companies who are extraordinary or severely financially affected by coronavirus / covid -19.

The agreement applies to:

  • Companies facing the need to make at least 30% (or more than 50 employees) redundant.
  • Companies can receive a state salary compensation of 75% of an affected employees salary, capped at 23.000 kr per month if they do not go through with the redundancy.
  • For hourly wage earners, the state salary compensation is 90%  of the salary, capped at 26.000 kr per month.
  • The temporary compensation scheme applies from the 9th March 2020 to 9 June 2020.

More information on viksomhedsguiden.dk (in Danish)

What if I have double citizenship?

If you have both Danish and another citizenship, presenting a Danish passport or driving license will be sufficient.

If you do not have a Danish passport or a Danish driving license, you might need to present additional documentation at the border control, such as:

  • A Danish health insurance certificate
  • Certificate of Employment from Denmark
  • Payslip
  • Employment contract from Denmark
  • Summons for treatment at a Danish hospital
  • Summons to legal procedings or other credible evidence

It is the police at the border control makes the final decision.

If you have other questions about travel restrictions when travelling to Denmark, please phone this hotline: (+45) 7020 0233.

More information about travel restrictions can be found on politi.dk

The Danish authorities are urging people not to go to their place of work if not absolutely necessary, but to work from home as much as possible.

Transports of goods will not be affected, and it will still be possible to transport food, medicine and necessary material for industrial production.

This decision has been taken to try to limit the spread of the coronavirus / covid-19 in Denmark.  This means that all unnecessary travel should be avoided.


Coronavirus/covid-19 in Denmark

You can find more information about coronavirus/covid-19 outbreak in Denmark, as well as further information regarding the border control on the Danish police's website.

More information about travel restrictions can be found on politi.dk


Information is updated continuously.

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