Travel restrictions on travel to Denmark

Last updated 3/29/2022
To limit the spread of covid-19, the Danish government may introduce travel restrictions and border controls by the Danish borders. This can also affect the border between Denmark and Sweden. Read more what this means for travellers and cross-border-workers in the Oresund region.

Photo: News Oresund

No more travel restrictions to Denmark from the 29th of March 2022

From the 29th of March, the travel restrictions due to covid-19 for travelling to Denmark has been removed.


Information about covid-19 in Denmark

The Danish public authorities have collected all information about covid-19 and related border controls at

More information about travel restrictions and general rules at


If you have any questions regarding the travel restrictions, please phone the dedicated hotline (+45) 7020 0233.

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Danish border control

there will still be temporary border control by the Danish border.

Read more about the Danish border control


Are you travelling from Denmark to Sweden?

Read our article about the Swedish travel restrictions here

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