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About us

Øresunddirekt is an information service that conveys public information from the authorities to the citizens and the business community in the Öresund region. Øresunddirekt consists of two sections - an information centre in Malmö and a web team/communications department in Copenhagen.

Since 2000, Øresunddirekt has mediated public information in Swedish and Danish to both citizens and businesses in the Öresund region. We are one of the three regional border information services in the Nordic region and have two sections.

Øresunddirekt Sweden

Øresunddirekt's Information centre is located right next to Malmö Central station, on Hjälmaregatan 3 in Malmö. The Information centre is open from Monday to Friday and citizens do not need to make an appointment to meet the staff from the authorities represented there: Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish Public Employment Service), Försäkringskassan (Swedish Social Insurance Agency), Länsstyrelsen Skåne (County Administrative Board of Skåne), Region Skåne and Skatteverket (Swedish Tax Agency). Sandra Forsén is the site manager, she is employed by Länsstyrelsen Skåne and Region Skåne.


Among other things, the staff can assist in issues relating to looking for a job in the Öresund region, Danish apprenticeships, tax rules, social insurance when you commute between Sweden and Denmark, etc. The information centre annually serves over 25,000 visitors through direct customer contact, e-mails and telephone.


We also offer:

  • Free information meetings every week: - working in Denmark and Danish apprenticeships
  • Appointments with business advisors
  • Tailored information meetings for companies before recruitment or establishment on the other side of the strait

Please can find opening hours, a map and more information here.

How Øresunddirekt Sweden is financed

The Øresunddirekt information centre in Malmö is financed by Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish Public Employment Service), Försäkringskassan (Swedish Social Insurance Agency), Skatteverket (Swedish Tax Agency), Länsstyrelsen Skåne (County Administrative Board of Skåne), Region Skåne and Nordiska Ministerrådet (Nordic Council of Ministers).

Øresunddirekt Denmark

The editorial staff are located at Nørregade 7 B in Copenhagen, Danmark and there are four employees. The editorial staff's primary task is to develop and ensure that the information on the websites is accurate and up to date. Therefore we work in partnership with the authorities in both Sweden and Denmark, who continuously update us on new laws and regulations in both countries. Our websites are visited by over 30,000 users each month. 


Øresunddirekt Denmark owns and operates the following portals:

  • – website in Swedish for Swedish citizens looking for a job in Denmark, starting to work in Denmark, who have or are going to move to Denmark or who wish to study in Denmark.
  • – website in Danish for two different target groups: Danish citizens looking for a job in Sweden, starting to work in Sweden, who have or are going to move to Sweden or who wish to study in Sweden. In addition there is information for Danes who have moved to Sweden but commute to work in Denmark.
  • – website in Swedish for companies – about Danish conditions
  • – website in Danish for companies – about Swedish conditions


We are also responsible for:

  • the annual economic award Øresunddirektbusiness Award
  • producing Øresunddirekt's printed materials such as various brochures
  • marketing initiatives
  • user and commuter surveys
  • special projects such as social insurance tests, tax calculation and partnerships with and, displaying vacant posts on Zealand and Skåne

How Øresunddirekt Denmark is financed

The editorial team in Copenhagen is financed by Erhvervsministeriet, Region Hovedstaden, Skatteforvaltningen, Nordiska Ministerrådet (Nordic Council of Ministers) and Region Skåne.

Øresunddirekt's shared assignments and projects

Øresunddirekt Sweden and Øresunddirekt Denmark work together in a close partnership. The authorities review texts published on the websites and we cooperate on larger projects such as:

  • Participation in the recruitment and career fairs in Sweden and Denmark
  • Collaboration with the Swedish and Danish authorities as well as Eures and Crossborder Öresund
  • Work against barriers to freedom of movement on a regional, national and Nordic level
  • Our business award Øresunddirektbusiness Award
  • Projects relating to capacity buildning and specific issues