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A short introduction to the Danish a-kasse (unemployment insurance funds)

A-kasser (unemployment insurance funds) administer unemployment benefits in Denmark and offer a range of services to their members. In the following, there is a brief introduction to the topic and links to different Danish a-kasse organisations.
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This information is for EU citizens only.

Arbejdsløshedskasser - also called a-kasser in Denmark are organisations, which in most cases are linked to trade unions. The organisations offer insurance against unemployment and administer public laws and regulations in the field.


The members of an a-kasse (unemployment insurance fund) finance its activities through their membership and by paying labour market contributions.

A-kasse can help you with the following:

  • payment of unemployment benefit (dagpenge), holiday pay (feriedagpenge) when you get unemployment benefits and so-called efterløn, which is a special pension through membership to the a-kasse
  • agreement guidance
  • contact information for the Jobcenter
  • outreach work to help the unemployed back into employment

Many a-kasse organisations also offer advice, courses, personal guidance with a coach, etc. The fee for a Danish a-kasse varies, but is usually around DKK 400-500 /month.